Who are we?

We specialize in organizing inbound tours in Bangladesh, from day tours to month-long holidays, specially off-beaten tours which no one else does here. Showing the people and culture of this country is always our highlight in any tour. We organize Nature & Wildlife Tours, Hiking & Camping tours, Cycling tours, Bird Watching tours, River & Canals tours specially in monsoon when they are full of water and green at their fullest, Photography tours, City tours, and many other tours in Bangladesh.

We specialize in organizing inbound tours and holidays for foreigners, specially western tourists, with good quality and reasonable prices. Providing an authentic Bangladesh experience to foreign tourists is always our first priority. We have more than 50 employees, all experts in their respective fields. They have the experience and professionalism to understand your travel needs and fulfill them effortlessly within a short time. In today’s era of digitalization, everyone has a lot of information and endless choices. Our clients still prefer us as we provide the best flight rates, exclusive hotel deals, and a wide range of options for your accommodations and travel plans.

Come and visit Bangladesh with us to have the best possible experience! It is the most overlooked country in the world and a hidden gem in south Asia about which very few people actually know. Its amazingly hospitable people are waiting to welcome you everywhere!

Our Mission

mirTravelsBD.com, we know that occasionally the most stressful part of a transnational trip is just figuring out how to enter the country. With confusing government forms, slow regulatory processes, and ever-changing global health conditions, carrying the right trip documents can be a huge hassle.

mirTravelsBD.com is devoted to furnishing guests with a simple, presto, and dependable way to get trip attestation for their trip. Our online operation process makes getting air tickets, visas, tours & travels, health declarations, or passport prints a breath, and all from the comfort of your home. As a leading independent company in trip attestation assiduity, we’re proud to make the global trip more accessible for everyone.